A vote of confidence in select ventures

Companies receiving early-stage investment from GRA Venture Fund, LLC have demonstrated extraordinary potential. The following companies in our portfolio have met the criteria of the Fund's investors:


Accuitis develops drugs to address niche and underserved diseases, primarily in dermatology. Its lead compound — a treatment for rosacea — is currently being investigated in Phase 2 clinical trials.

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Acivilate provides technology that increases the likelihood that a person on parole or probation will successfully rehabilitate. Acivilate’s chief product, a smartphone app called Pokketconnects and coordinates all entities involved with rehabilitation, including the individual.

Pokket provides the full context of a client’s progress and challenges, all to encourage and sustain self-sufficiency and accountability.


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Antios Therapeutics

Antios Therapeutics is focused on the development of antiviral therapies for unmet medical needs. The company's lead program is aimed at developing a curative regimen for Hepatitis B — which affects more than 250 million people around the world — and, potentially, Hepatitis D.

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Axion BioSystems

Axion BioSystems is a life science instrumentation company that develops high-throughput microelectrode array (MEA) systems for cellular analysis, allowing researchers to recreate brain activity and heartbeats on the benchtop.

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Carbice Corporation develops innovative thermal materials that enable breakthrough optimal performance in electronic devices. Carbice products enable smaller, more powerful electronic devices that are easier to assemble, and will unlock mass adoption of affordable computing, sensing, and connectivity in homes and industry, and from Earth to Mars. Carbice developments represent the new standard of high thermal conductivity materials in the electronics cooling industry.

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Celtaxsys is a privately-held drug discovery and development company focused on advancing treatments for serious inflammatory diseases. The company is building a sustainable pipeline of first-in-class immuno-modulators, the most advanced of which is CTX- 4430.

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Clearside Biomedical

Clearside Biomedical develops therapies for eye-related diseases using a patented micro-injection technology that more precisely targets the retina and other distinct tissue in the eye. The company's offering is a product of a scientific collaboration between Emory University and Georgia Tech.

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Fraudscope provides technology to identify and fight healthcare fraud, waste and abuse. The company’s technology spots fraudulent healthcare claims as they appear — and before payments are made. The Fraudscope platform prioritizes suspicious claims (based on risk scores and dollar amounts) and works with other analysis techniques and intelligence.

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Gimme provides a unified inventory tracking system to serve the “unattended retail” industry — suppliers and operators of vending machines and micro markets — and the consumer packaged goods companies that supply them. Gimme’s Internet of Things hardware, mobile software, and cloud platform streamline the delivery, stocking, and placement of products, adding efficiencies to operations.

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NexDefense gives operators of industrial control systems real-time knowledge to combat cybersecurity threats. Through Integrity™ — a patent-pending Industrial Network Anomaly Detection (INAD) system — engineers, security and control system operators can covertly maintain direct insight and control over threats. The technology also allows them to increase compliance without sacrificing productivity, optimization or performance. 

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OpsDataStore strengthens data-driven IT operations by providing monitoring tools, analytics and ways to unify various data and tools into a seamless IT “fabric.” This drives major improvements in online service to help companies respond faster to needs and issues.

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Pindrop is an innovator in detecting and preventing voice-based fraud to help companies reduce financial losses and operational costs. Starting with its acoustical fingerprinting technology — the first of its kind — Pindrop allows business to identify fraudulent phone calls and authenticate legitimate callers.

Today, the company provides a full suite of authentication and anti-fraud solutions for next-generation call centers. This technology seamlessly verifyies callers while protecting against threats in "customer-not-present" environments.


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Quest Renewables

Quest Renewables develops inventive photovoltaic racking solutions. Its signature product is a canopy that captures and converts sunlight into energy while protecting automotive vehicles. Marketed under the brand name QuadPod™, the solar canopy is flexible and efficient as well as easily deployed. 

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Urjanet is the global leader in utility data aggregation. The company's technology collects, processes, and delivers data from more than 4,000 electric, natural gas, water, waste, telecom, and cable utilities worldwide. The data provided can be configured and integrated into any application to support a wide range of utility data needs.

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