Qualifying for GRA Venture Fund investment

Companies participating in GRA's venture development program may be eligible to receive investment capital through the GRA Venture Fund, LLC.

In addition, companies selected for GRA Venture Fund investment are required by Georgia law to:

  • have their principal place of business in Georgia
  • be engaged in innovative work in the areas of technology, life sciences, manufacturing, agriculture or information-related ventures that will increase Georgia’s share of domestic or international markets

The GRA Venture Fund’s unique vantage point — watching companies launch and develop out of the laboratories of Georgia’s universities – is a great distinction compared to other venture funds. After assessing an array of highly promising enterprises, the Managing Director of the Fund works closely with the Fund’s Board and with GRA to select a small group of promising ventures for potential investment.

In performing due diligence, the GRA Venture Fund’s leadership not only investigates and evaluates prospective companies; it also provides business counsel and expertise to company leaders and connects them with investors and advisors.

In addition, the Fund’s Managing Director recommends a board member and/or observer to the board of each portfolio company. These representatives:

  • provide mentoring and guidance to help the portfolio company grow and build value
  • report on the progress and needs of portfolio companies to the GRA Venture Fund investors
  • identify ways in which GRA Venture Fund and GRA can help these companies succeed

After its initial investment, the GRA Venture Fund may participate in subsequent financings for a portfolio company. The Fund’s investments are expected to be long-term, with returns generated by acquisition or the sale/distribution of stock following an initial public offering.

The GRA venture development team:

  • selects the most promising discoveries and inventions developed in the labs of the state's research universities
  • helps validate that a company’s underlying technology has commercial potential
  • provides grants and loans based on milestones that emerging companies reach as they develop a working product or prototype for commercial sale.