A vote of confidence in select ventures

Companies receiving early-stage investment from GRA Venture Fund, LLC have demonstrated extraordinary potential. The following companies in our portfolio have met the criteria of the Fund's investors:


ABE is a globally compliant securities exchange that connects companies to billions of investors around the world — at a fraction of the cost. By combining the safety of a stock exchange with the efficiency of distributed ledger technology, ABE provides a fair and open marketplace.

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Accuitis develops drugs to address niche and underserved diseases, primarily in dermatology. Its lead compound — a treatment for rosacea — is currently being investigated in Phase 2 clinical trials.

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Acivilate provides technology that increases the likelihood that a person on parole or probation will successfully rehabilitate. Acivilate’s chief product, a smartphone app called Pokketconnects and coordinates all entities involved with rehabilitation, including the individual.

Pokket provides the full context of a client’s progress and challenges, all to encourage and sustain self-sufficiency and accountability.


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Altesa Biosciences

Altesa Biosciences develops drugs to treat RNA viruses, which are responsible for 80% of viral diseases worldwide. Among these viruses are Rhinovirus (primary cause of the common cold), Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), Dengue virus, Yellow Fever virus, Ebola virus and SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). 

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Apptega makes cybersecurity easier and more accessible for everyone. By using technology to unify, track and report cybersecurity processes, Apptega helps organizations of all sizes stay protected and compliant. 

Apptega allows enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to map multiple frameworks, track cybersecurity compliance and generate a report in one click — all in one place. 

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Arcadia unlocks access to global utility data to drive new forms of climate solutions, giving anyone the tools to electrify and decarbonize. The company’s Arc platform combines comprehensive utility data, tariffs and API’s under one roof to allow any company to act on its environmental impact and build the next generation of energy products and climate tech solutions. Arcadia also manages the nation’s largest community solar portfolio, helping to tackle energy injustice while spurring economic growth with approximately 2 GW of solar under management. 

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ArunA Biomedical

ArunA Biomedical is advancing a new class of cell-free biologics, exosomes, to treat neurodegenerative disorders. ArunA Bio also works with partners to use exosomes to optimize the delivery of RNAs, antibodies, genes and small molecules. 

ArunA Bio’s exosomes have demonstrated the ability to be safely administered intravenously in multiple doses with no adverse side effects and cross the blood-brain barrier to reach a site of injury. They’ve also been shown to reduce inflammation and enhance neural function.

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BioCircuit Technologies

BioCircuit Technologies develops devices that allow doctors and clinicians to see and monitor highly detailed activity of peripheral nerves. BioCircuit’s products provide clinicians with a practical ability to diagnose health conditions earlier, track progression of symptoms over time and select treatments more precisely for individual patients.

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Carbice Corporation develops innovative thermal materials that enable breakthrough optimal performance in electronic devices. Carbice products enable smaller, more powerful electronic devices that are easier to assemble, and will unlock mass adoption of affordable computing, sensing, and connectivity in homes and industry, and from Earth to Mars. Carbice developments represent the new standard of high thermal conductivity materials in the electronics cooling industry.

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Codoxo provides artificial intelligence-driven applications that help healthcare companies and agencies reduce risks from fraud, waste, and abuse. Codoxo’s Healthcare Integrity Suite helps clients lower risks and costs across network management, clinical care, provider education, payment integrity and special investigation units.

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Diasyst provides best-of-breed technologies to empower healthcare organizations to monitor and manage chronically ill patients. Coming from decades of research out of the diabetes clinical research team from Emory University/Healthcare and the Atlanta VA Medical Center, Diasyst specializes in developing tools that reduce clinical inertia and translate modern approaches to chronic disease management. 

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EarliTec Diagnostics

EarliTec Diagnostics develops novel technologies that enable the earlier diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. The company’s technologies empower providers, caregivers and parents to deliver individualized and targeted therapy when it matters most.

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Focused Cryo

Focused Cryo offers a smart cryoablation system that’s easier to use and provides instant feedback and better spatiotemporal control. These benefits represent a significant improvement in existing cryoablation methods to treat nerves and ganglia, which bring unwanted tissue damage and further complications. Focused Cryo’s technology solves these problems, using nerve-specific geometry and real-time in-body temperature and directional control to deliver a treatment that’s both safer and more effective.


Gimme provides a unified inventory tracking system to serve the “unattended retail” industry — suppliers and operators of vending machines and micro markets — and the consumer packaged goods companies that supply them. Gimme’s Internet of Things hardware, mobile software, and cloud platform streamline the delivery, stocking, and placement of products, adding efficiencies to operations.

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Huxley Medical

Huxley Medical is developing an ultrathin, comfortable “all-in-one” biosensor patch to monitor and communicate wirelessly a multitude of relevant health factors. Huxley’s BioPatch is both easier to use and significantly less expensive than these current home tests. 

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Kodikaz develops new gene therapies to treat a variety of cancers. The company’s proprietary technologies are based on newly discovered mechanisms to transfer genetic material between cells. Using these mechanisms, Kodikaz has created a technique that improves conventional approaches to gene therapy in several key ways. The Kodikaz platform offers a high degree of cell and tissue specificity, and it can deliver a large payload of therapy.

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Lucid Scientific

Lucid Scientific accelerates drug discovery and basic biological research by providing systems for real-time cellular analysis. Lucid's patented RESIPHER system monitors cellular metabolism via non-invasive optical sensors, streaming information to researchers in real-time via a collaborative web platform.

The information provided by Lucid's systems saves time and enhances value to researchers performing millions of experiments annually. Headquartered in Atlanta at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), Lucid is supported by public and private sources including Dynamk Capital and the GRA Venture Fund.

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Micron Biomedical

Micron develops pharmaceutical products, based on its microneedle patch technology, that are designed to provide enhanced protective (vaccine) and therapeutic (drugs) effects and superior patient compliance. The company’s microneedle products simplify and administration, distribution and storage logistics.

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Nyra Medical

Nyra Medical is a medical device company that simplifies transcatheter heart valve repair, tailoring the procedure to each patient.

Its CARLEN transcatheter technology treats mitral regurgitation, preserving the physiological valve geometry while restoring its function. CARLEN also eliminates the risk of stenosis and adds the benefit of preserving a full range of transcatheter and surgical treatments as future options.

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Pindrop is an innovator in detecting and preventing voice-based fraud to help companies reduce financial losses and operational costs. Starting with its acoustical fingerprinting technology — the first of its kind — Pindrop allows business to identify fraudulent phone calls and authenticate legitimate callers.

Today, the company provides a full suite of authentication and anti-fraud solutions for next-generation call centers. This technology seamlessly verifyies callers while protecting against threats in "customer-not-present" environments.


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Quest Renewables

Quest Renewables develops inventive photovoltaic racking solutions. Its signature product is a canopy that captures and converts sunlight into energy while protecting automotive vehicles. Marketed under the brand name QuadPod™, the solar canopy is flexible and efficient as well as easily deployed. 

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Sanguina is a wellness tool company. Its flagship invention is AnemoCheck, the first app that estimates hemoglobin levels with a fingernail selfie. The company is also developing AnemoCheck home, an at-home test for anemia currently under FDA review.

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SIRPant generates a long-lived, multifaceted immune response against tumors, thereby acting as a cancer vaccine. This approach targets many cancer-associated antigens resulting in the production of tumor-specific T cells and B cells that lead to long-lasting immunity.

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